Trabzon stands on the coastline of the eastern Black Sea region of Turkey. The area is very proud of its heritage and importance as a major trading port, making it an area that makes for an ideal investment proposition.

Whilst Trabzon is not the largest city on the Black Sea coast, it is by far the most sophisticated. With a complex mix of seaside town and cosmopolitan chic, on the whole Trabzon is far too unique to worry about what is going on in any of the nearby areas. The district of Trabzon offers numerous things to see and do making it an ideal base for tourists, opening up good investment potential and the opportunity to earn a good return on your investment.

Due to the natural beauty of the area of Trabzon, it is often described as, “where green meets blue”, referring to the lush green scenery and piercing blue lakes and bodies of water. 

The number of visitors to Trabzon is growing year on year and there are numerous reasons why, with a serious demand for investment and property, particularly coming from the Gulf countries. Research on the area also confirms that there are continuous demands for year rentals in all manner of accommodation choices from hotels to private residencies.

How much does property cost in Trabzon?

Currently there is a good choice of property available in Trabzon, with new apartments on brand new developments starting from just $50,000 and detached villas in beautiful countryside locations starting at just $150,000. 

The opportunities for anyone investing in this area are plentiful with numerous options for investors to see a good return on their investment particularly as the property prices are only set to rise.

Trabzon has become a centre of attraction specifically amongst the Arab tourists and in the past few years the city has been attracting a lot of attention with current investors looking to create a city complete with hotels and several new housing projects.

Why buy property in Trabzon?

With the shifting preferences in tourism, Trabzon has a lot to offer. It is ideal for a wide variety of holidaymakers as it has far more to offer than just sun – the weather is extremely cool and comfortable at all times of the year. 

The price of real estate in this area is currently incredibly reasonable, however these prices will only continue to rise. Whether you are looking to purchase a property to retire to, have a complete lifestyle change or you are just looking for a holiday home that you can rent during the periods that you are not using it; Trabzon would be an excellent choice.

With the rapid development that the area of Trabzon is undergoing, it stands to reason that property prices are going to begin rising in the near future. In order to ensure that you do not miss out on this exceptional prospect you are advised to act now.

Trabzon property unique selling points

1. Very reasonable prices

2. Excellent sea view

3. Conservative and very safe area

4. Excellent weather year round – Trabzon is cool and comfortable all year round

5. History, nature and culture – deep in history, stunning nature all around, very green

6. Properties are generally very large – 2 bedroom apartments can be 200m2

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