Yalova has one of the most beautiful coasts of Marmara and is an important port city in terms of coastal tourism, hunting tourism and thermal tourism as well as nature tourism.

 If you decide to visit this paradise region formed by wonderful nature with special care, you must absolutely visit these places I will quote down below:

Places to Visit in Yalova

The Yürüyen Köşk

Yalova has a few tourist attractions, including the Yürüyen Köşk, an Ottoman-Turkish style mansion that was used by Atatürk, the founder of modern Turkey, during his visits to the city.

Armutlu Thermal Springs

The Armutlu Thermal Springs, located in the thermal district of Yalova, which is rich in hot water resources, has been in use since the 6th century.

These springs, which date from antiquity up to the present day, are known by the names Therma, Pythia, and Pythion. At the same time, according to mythology in the Armutlu Spa, which opens the gates of a fantastic world, the Underground Greek God Hades lives in this region?

 Sudusen Waterfall

Sudusen Waterfall is situated to the south of Uvezpinar village in Yalova province turkey, Provides unusual natural beauties for visitors.

The waterfall is near the thermal springs, access by relaxing hiking through Uvezpinar village and suitable for ecotourism.

Sudusen Waterfall, which flows with great speed from the rocks, admires the visitors. This uniquely beautiful waterfall and natural surroundings are 8 km away from the Uvezpinar village.

The Karaca Arboretum 

The Karaca Arboretum, which is located in Yalova and hosts many plant species, is at the beginning of the points that attracted the interest of the tourists who come to the city although they are interested in the plant scientists.

The Karaca Arboretum is located in the village of Samanlı on the Yalova-Thermal road. About 5-6 kilometers from the city center … Arboretum covering an area of 135,000 square meters is surrounded by iris gardens, plant gardens, bonsai plant collections, and rose gardens … Besides these, there are 5 thousand woody plants.

Erikli Waterfall

Erikli Waterfall, which is the most famous waterfall of the Marmara region, goes beyond Erikli Plateau with the same name. This is why the name of the Double Waterfalls is due to the presence of two waterfalls.

During your trip, you will first see the lower waterfall. It is not possible to see from below; because you have to climb up a steep slope to get down. It looks quite magnificent from the top as well. You will get a view without falling down.


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